Your Cats' Exclusive Space

Your Cats' Exclusive Space



While it is important for you to have an appealing space, your feline friends will enjoy the excitement of having indoor forest-like playground. We design the sculptures to be both safe and fun.


Durable & Weather-proof

Your space not only needs sculptures of high-quality but also durable in terms of its resilience to harsh weather. They are all perfected for outdoor settings. The outer finishing is mold-resistant for easy cleaning when needed.


Great for Outdoor Shelter

Cat space does not always to be indoor. In outdoor setting, our sculptures will enhance the look of your cat's shelter and blend it with the nature. Our sculptures come with 5-year guarantee for product's exterior quality.


For Multiple Cats

No more lousy cat tree and tunnels. Our sculptures are structurally strengthened to keep your active cats having their daily doses of unlimited fun. With our sculptures, sky is the limit.

Our work

For your cats

If you are looking for a nature theme for your cat playground, you are in the right place. Our handmade sculptures are designed to bring the nature to your furry kid's playground.

Cat Tree

Huge and tall. It stands handsomely with shelves attached to branches which are perfect for cat-nap and tree-climbing.

Hideout Log

Most cats agree it is a perfect spot for afternoon nap and hide-and-seek play. It comes with a top hole for cat ambush.

Log House

Comfy inner space if your cat needs uninterrupted alone time. Your cat knows the best when it comes to private hideouts.

Cat Condo

Every cat will get their own private spot without getting into multiple cat fights. Ideal for corner space.